Meet Beck Pete


Through the combination of emotional turmoil, heartbreak, a whole bunch of nights consisting of dance-inducing backbeats, deafening silence, and true elation, Beck Pete was born. If you follow the intricate, hook-y melodies and production of the indie-pop genre, until you find where they intersect with the emotional vulnerability, intensity and desperation of soul music, you will find Beck. She will be looking you right in the eyeballs, telling you every inch of her truth.

And tell her truth she has — After less than two years in Los Angeles, Beck has spilled her heart for an increasing number of eyes, packing historic venues across the city, including The Hotel Café, which has become a second home for the artist, and most recently, co-headlining the iconic Troubadour.

Beck’s debut single “Lonely” was released in March of this year and is now available on all streaming platforms. She is excited to continue releasing music that showcases sides of love and the human condition that others often avoid.